Looking for Tally Integration for Your Custom Solution

For integrating custom business solution directly to tally. CLIQUE API provides two-way communication with tally, making integration more efficient while export, import with proper validation against tally rules.

CLIQUE API fills the gap which is generated when 3rd party business application tries to communicate with tally. A scenario where manual data migration is done from already existing 3rd party application to tally, making job redundant tedious and error prone. CLIQUE API provides secure bridging solution to automate your existing application with tally, as if void never existed. CLIQUE API is language independent.

Secure Excel to Tally Export Validation Before Migration Scalable to Fit Any Company Size
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Problem Statement

Large amount of manual entry for account info,bank statement, transactions etc.
Probability of error increases directly proportional to manual entry

Reduces productivity

Migrating data from custom legacy business solution to tally

Security concern while using 3rd party tool for migration, which does not validate
Costly, non scalable, complex tools becomes overhead

How CLIQUE Platform can help ?

Hassle free import large amount of data using excel templates like groups, ledgers, vouchers etc.
Simple user friendly interface

Fully secure, robust solution

No extra infrastructure required

Saves time and increases accounting team efficiency
Smooth integration with custom legacy business solution
Achieve both way communication with tally i.e. fetch and send data to tally
Real time validation and integration with tally

Highly configurable API based on team size

Looking for Tally Data Migration Tool ?

Let's get into the details

Especially designed for individuals/companies that need to regularly enter or import large amount of data from different data source manually to Tally. CLIQUE provides a simple user interface to tackle this tedious job for you. CLIQUE relies on secure robust built-in core "CLIQUE API". CLIQUE API exports, imports and also validates data against tally rules thus reducing the ambiguity for later while auditing.

Secure Excel to Tally Export Validation Before Migration Scalable to Fit Any Company Size
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Highly Scalable

With single place installation thus easy to maintenance, CLIQUE provides a plethora of configuration option to match any company size requirement.

Stand Alone Computer

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Network : Single Tally Mutiple Users

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Network : Mutiple Tally Mutiple Users

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